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Its Finally Here The Book You've Been Waiting For
(How to Make A 3-Dimensional Stained Glass Sculpture)



Now you can make fabulous three-dimensional stained glass sculptures like the ones on this website. Order this book and you will be making them too. The how to book costs only $12.95 + $3.00 to cover shipping and handling in the USA.

How To Book

This informative book features the following:

  • Book cover and back is in color.
  • Book has 52 pages in it.
  • Inside of the book is all in black and white.
  • Print is big and clear.
  • Approximately 10 pages of black and white pictures.
  • Approximately 32 pages of diagrams.
  • Approximately 10 pages of instructions and information.
  • It gives good, clear instructions to help you finish your sculpture.

All this for only $12.95 + $3.00 for shipping and handling!! Don't delay, get your "How to Make a Three Dimensional Stained Glass Sculpture" - Call today!

If you have any questions or problems after ordering the How To Book feel free to contact us via phone .


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