Animal Sculptures & Stained Glass Lamps
By Arkie Pisello Sr.

To Order Call (219) 362-2451 between 8am to 6pm (CT)
Locally owned in LaPorte, IN

Its Finally Here The Book You've Been Waiting For
(How to Make A 3-Dimensional Stained Glass Sculpture)



Owners of Animal Sculptures & Stained Glass Lamps:
Arkie Pisello Sr. & wife Mary

Stained glass artist for over 46 years.

Taught Stained Glass lamp and window construction at Purdue University North Central campus for several years.

Mr. Arkie Pisello Sr. & wife Mary have always loved stained glass lamps and windows. How did they get started? Well...Arkie and Mary went to an Antique show in Chicago, IL and saw a Tiffany wisteria lamp for $25,000 which they wanted, but could not afford at the time. Arkie looked over at Mary and said, "Honey, I will make you a lamp like that." So they ventured out to find a stained glass supply shop, but back 46 years ago, no one would tell them where to go to purchase stained glass. About a year later they found out where to purchase stained glass and supplies for lamp making, and that was the beginning of their world into stained glass lamp construction. The first stained glass lamp Arkie made was the wisteria lamp. After several years they took their stained glass art one step further. Arkie and Mary came up with a great idea, how to create stained glass art lamp sculptures.

Arkie and Mary have taught a stained glass workshop class at Purdue University North Central campus on the art of working with stained glass. Their work has also been on display at the LaPorte County Museum in LaPorte IN. Their work has been
featured in many newspapers and magazines. Mr. and Mrs. Pisello are the proud owners of the stained glass art studio named Animal Sculptures & Stained Glass Lamps. They have been working with stained glass, making lamps and windows, since 1967. A lot of the art work has won blue ribbons (First Place and Best of Show). The Statue of Liberty lamp has also been on display at Notre Dame University for three months.  They also love antiques and Greentown glass.


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